Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dear Ones,

photo from yesterday's Meetup Saturday August 11, 2012 in San Diego with 6 attending.

Fred, Brenda, Ramaji, Vlad, Koort and Kate at Ramaji's Place

if you are near San Diego (or anywhere else), you are invited!

please go to

seen my Satsang videos? theres quite a variety: Ramaji Satsang on YouTube.

if you want to enjoy success with Self-Enquiry meditation ("Who am I?") this is the place!

blessings in the Self, Ramaji

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Is San Diego Friendliest City in CA - USA - World?

From the day i arrived here in San Diego, i have been struck by the warmth and friendliness of the people in San Diego.

To give you a better idea of what i mean, my wife and i drove here in a U-Haul truck from Palm Springs with all of our stuff. As you may nor may not know. U-Haul dealers, while competent and professional, are not where you are likely to meet individuals with a saintly demeanor who appear to glow with spirituality.

Well, things are different here in San Diego! The man i returned my U-Haul truck was like the guru figure in the movie "Karate Kid." He had a fantastic spiritual vibration and i had to work very hard to maintain some kind of matter of fact business persona. He was just so cool!

There have been many other beautiful people that i have met, and i have been here only two weeks. The Divine guided me to be here to start up my public Satsangs. I am beginning to understand why.

Many Blessings in the Self, Ramaji

Next Ramaji Satsang San Diego Sat July 14


Ramaji gives talk with Q&A then RASA to each person during group meditation.

Saturday, July 14, 2012
2:00 PM To 5:00 PM

Location disclosed to PAID RSVPs only.
Please keep the address private and confidential. Thank you., South San Diego, CA

(Second Palm Avenue exit West off 805. NOT the National City one. Exit is South of Chula Vista.) Details available only to members who RSVP and complete the group membership questionnaire. Please post a member picture.

Price: $20.00/per person

After your PAID RSVP, Ramaji will send you directions and detailed map along with his private phone number in case you have any questions. Your PAID RSVP makes sure that only serious students of enlightenment and Advaita will be present.

You will also receive a cell phone number to call just before the meeting in case you get lost.
Space is limited to 10 people maximum. Please RSVP early.

Please study the map carefully. There is plenty of safe secure parking. If you do not understand the directions or the map, please contact Ramaji well ahead of time. Please arrive early!

Please do NOT share this Meetup location. It is for PAID RSVP Meetup attendees only. Please keep the private map and address strictly confidential. Thank you.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Advaita Books By Ramaji

Some people here in San Diego have been asking if I have any books about enlightenment, non-duality and Advaita. They want to read something by me before coming to my San Diego group.

Yes I do. I have a three book series on Advaita on Amazon. There will be one more book in that series. Then I will publish all four as a physical book. Then onto more Kindle books. I have about 8 more Advaita books planned.

So here are the Kindle books from the "Enlightenment for Everybody" series that are up on Amazon right now. If you read one of them and like it, please post a review on Amazon.

All of Ramaji’s books are being published on Amazon. A search on “Ramaji” at will bring up all the books by Ramaji on Advaita, non-duality and the Self. Please keep checking. Ramaji is writing up a storm!

If you don’t own a Kindle reading device that is okay. The free Amazon Cloud Reader works great!

Enlightenment for Everybody (Vol. 1): Living Day to Day in Non-Duality is the first book in the series “Early Talks on Advaita, Non-Duality and the Self” [Kindle Edition]. These early dialogs with Ramaji are direct, no nonsense and to the point. The modern Advaita and non-duality community has neglected the master technique of Self-enquiry provided by the undisputed great Sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi. Ramaji would like to remedy that.

Available on Kindle at Amazon. Here is the link to the Amazon book page.

We are all being invited to enter into the higher frequencies of enlightened unity consciousness. Ramaji’s mission is to revive the Self-enquiry meditation of Sri Ramana Maharshi and add to the global knowledge base regarding the Heart on the Right and Amrita Nadi (both referred to by Ramana). His unique mission is to give RASA in order to raise the consciousness of as many people as possible around the world.

Enlightenment for Everybody (Vol. 2) The Heart, Amrita Nadi and the I-Thought is the second book in the series “Early Talks on Advaita, Non-Duality and the Self” [Kindle Edition] . This series covers Ramaji’s public and private talks from 1994 to 2011.

Vol. 2 on the Heart, Amrita Nadi and the I-thought (the “I am the body” thought) goes deep into territory in non-duality and Advaita not explored in depth or from an original perspective since Sri Ramana Maharshi and his immediate devotees. Scholarly authors like David Godman and Michael James have done a marvelous job of interpreting Ramana’s teachings on the Heart and Amrita Nadi overall, but among contemporary teachers no one had picked up the torch.

Ramaji brings his direct experience to reveal to modern Westerners how to live the teachings on the Self made famous by Ramana and vigorously practice the Self-enquiry meditation for enlightenment. He goes over in detail the meaning of the Heart on the right, the central role of the I-thought in producing suffering and delusion and the significance of the Amrita Nadi for spiritual seekers and earnest meditators intent on realizing the Self.

Available on Kindle at Amazon. Here’s the link to the book page.

Even though non-duality and Advaita are popular now with many teachers available, the spiritual insights into the Heart on the right, the subterranean yet world-dominating I-thought ("I am the body" idea) and the radiance of Amrita Nadi in relation to stabilization in the supreme Self remain poorly understood. This knowledge has not entered into the global non-duality dialog. Ramaji intends to change that.

Enlightenment for Everybody (Vol. 3) Relationships is the third book in the series “Early Talks on Advaita, Non-Duality and the Self.” This series covers Ramaji’s public and private talks from 1994 to 2011.
In “Enlightenment for Everybody (Vol. 3): Sex and Relationships in Non-Duality,” Ramaji ventures into the forbidden zone of non-duality. Uniquely prepared to teach on these delicate subjects, his is a tell all book like no other.

Available on Kindle at Amazon. Here’s the link.

If this is your cup of tea, then drink deep. This particular vintage does not come around very often. It is most rare for Tantra and Advaita to become bedfellows. It happens more often than admitted, but the two camps have remained separate for centuries.

At the pinnacle, of course, they are one and the same. That is the perspective shared here in these fresh and boldly contemporary dialogs. Tantra emphasizes the playful side of the Self, Advaita the more serious. Tantra focuses on Ma Shakti. Advaita concentrates on Lord Shiva.

The fourth and final volume in this series “Enlightenment for Everybody” will be released shortly. The four Kindle books making up the groundbreaking series will then be published as a collection in the form of a physical book. This quality paperback book will also available on Thank you.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

News Release for Global "Enlightenment On Demand" Campaign Goes Out Thursday June 28

Here's the news release I'm sending out via WebWire, a major Internet news service.

Many Blessings in the Self, Ramaji.

Spiritual Teacher Ramaji Launches Unique Global "Enlightenment on Demand" Campaign June 30 in San Diego, California

Distribution Date and Time: Thursday, June 28, 2012, 9:00:00 AM EST

News Release via for Saturday, June 30 Meetup.

Spiritual Teacher Ramaji Launches Unique Global "Enlightenment on Demand" Campaign June 30 in San Diego, California

Spiritual teacher Ramaji has the ability to raise a person’s consciousness in just a few minutes face to face or long distance over Skype. He launches his global campaign to enlighten as many people as possible on June 30 in San Diego, California.

WEBWIRE – Release Date
San Diego, California, USA - Spiritual teacher Ramaji is launching the world’s first "enlightenment on demand" global campaign on June 30.

Ramaji has a unique ability to raise the consciousness of another person in just a few minutes. He can do this in person or long distance over Skype. Recipients in the USA, Canada, England and Australia vouch for the results.

"I didn’t set out to give people instant enlightenment" says Ramaji. "I was just trying to help my disabled wife. But instead of healing her, I discovered I was raising her consciousness. I  tried my method on others. It worked. Now I’m going global with it".

Ramaji began meditating after he had a life-changing mystical lucid dream at the age of 16. In one of life’s paradoxes, he is now offering in 5 minutes what took him 45 years of disciplined meditation to achieve.

Ramaji calls giving "enlightenment on demand" RASA -- short for "Ramaji Advaita Shaktipat Attunement". "Advaita" means oneness consciousness and "Shaktipat" refers to the download of this higher consciousness.

"It’s simple" says Ramaji. "I bring the Light that is above people’s heads down into their bodies. Their level of consciousness goes up immediately. Maybe after I do this for awhile and prove it can be done, others will figure out how to do it, too. That would be wonderful".

For more information, please go to to learn more about Ramaji’s public RASA delivery events. For more on Ramaji’s long distance delivery of RASA over Skype, please visit

Ramaji’s public meetings are coordinated online at His "Enlightenment for Everybody" Kindle book series can be easily found at or by searching on the key word "Ramaji."


Monday, June 25, 2012

Ramaji Meetup Group Is Now Live!

Though I arrived in San Diego with my wife Linda exactly one week ago, I have hit the ground running to get the word out about my first public Satsang and the delivery of RASA (Ramaji Advaita Satsang Attunement) to all who are sincerely open to receiving it. The new development is that I have created a Meetup group:

So I am coordinating my first meeting on June 30 from 2 pm to 4 pm at Palm Ridge Park on Palm Avenue exit right off the 805 freeway in South San Diego through them. It is just a casual "meet and greet."

In sum, I am easily reached via the Meetup connection as well as my main public email satsangwithramaji AT gmail Dot Com. I do have another email that I give to private students who are working with me one on one.

Just to be clear, RASA is not an initiation type of thing where I become your guru or any of that. What you receive in RASA is a spiritual download of the Divine Light that is already above your head. I would describe myself as the "facilitator" or "midwife" of your enlightenment, but it is YOUR enlightenment.

In fact, my goal is actually to make myself obsolete. By that I mean I would love for people receiving RASA to immediately go up to 1000 LOC (Level of Consciousness), the top level, and stay there. From my perspective, the Divine Light does take the recipient up to 1000 or the high 900s very quickly.

Staying there at 1000 is another matter, in part because the brain and nervous system need time to adjust to the intensity of the Light. This Light brings life benefits and reveals your unbounded spiritual Self. The main thing is to be receptive to it.

If you receive RASA you can still "short-circuit" it so that you do not receive the elevation of consciousness. I know this because it has happened with a few people. I think in one case the person was devoted to a guru and so felt there was a conflict, even though he had said he wanted to receive RASA.

In another case, I know there had been child abuse. My theory at this point is that receiving RASA had triggered some kind of unwanted "invasion" scenario. The recipient was afraid that their personal autonomy would be violated and their boundary control would be lost. This person had also asked to receive RASA, but they were not in charge of this response due to early traumatic childhood conditioning.

Nonetheless, this sincere receiver did document several positive life changes. They did not show the elevation of LOC I wanted and expected for them, but nonetheless it was very beneficial to them.

For more information about me and RASA, please visit and

many blessings in the Self, Ramaji

Friday, June 22, 2012

First Ramaji Public Satsang Will Be June 30, 2012 from 2 pm to 4 pm at Palm Ridge Park in South San Diego

Dear Beloved Spiritual Friends of the One Divine Self,

i arrived in San Diego Monday June 18. moving as quickly as possible to the call from the Divine, i have set up my first Satsang to be in a public park in South San Diego. There will be no fee for this "meet and greet."

Here are the details. I hope to see you there. Most likely I will not give RASA there, but you will have a chance to meet me and make arrangements if you want to do so.

I am looking for a spiritual center or large home to begin giving RASA on a regular basis to 50 or more people several times a week. Unfortunately, my own humble abode is not big enough!


The first Public Satsang with Ramaji will be in San Diego on Saturday, June 30, 2012 between 2 pm and 4 pm in South San Diego. The location is Palm Ridge Park on Palm Avenue at Firethorn Street. Palm Ridge Park is just west of the 805 freeway. Please exit at Palm Avenue.

"Satsang" means "communion with truth." It is the direct experience of pure Unity and of the one Divine Self. Although it is called Satsang with Ramaji, it is really Satsang with your very own True Self.

This will be an opportunity to get to know Ramaji in an informal setting. There is no donation or fee. There are park benches right at the intersection of Palm and Firethorn. That is where Ramaji will be. More details are available at